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This is about you achieving your fullest potential and earning maximum freedom in your life. That's why we absolutely love day trading- and why you will, too. - Nate

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Who We Are

Nate Thurston

Nate Thurston is the Co-founder of Good Morning Liberty, a podcast and media company aimed at promoting Free-market Capitalism. He began his career in Nashville, TN as a lead guitarist, playing in 46 states and 12 countries during numerous tours, including multiple tours for Armed Forces Entertainment in Kuwait, Bahrain, UAE, Djibouti, Singapore, Greenland, and the Bahamas. His band hit #1 on Sirius XM, made two Billboard charts, played MTV’s Video Music Awards pre-show, and starred in a national TV ad campaign, all while never being on a record label or having a management company. 


Since moving on from music, Nate flipped more than 215 houses in Nashville, developed a verified successful day-trading strategy, and joined in on the ground floor of a healthcare revenue cycle software company. 

Charlie Thompson

Charlie Thompson is also the Co-founder of GML. He began his career in Nashville, TN as a bassist for the band 3 Pill Morning, playing in 48 states and 2 countries on their many headlining/support tours. His band toured with artists including Sevendust, Shinedown, Trapt, In This Moment, and Saving Abel, capping off those tours by performing on the “Ship-Rocked” cruise in the Carribean headlined by Hinder and Buckcherry. 


After having a single in the Billboard Top 40 on rock radio, and playing for Armed Forces Entertainment, Charlie hung up his bass and learned how to code. He began working for Community Health Systems (CHS), and later worked for Healthcare Corporation of America (HCA). In 2016, Charlie started his own software and consulting company specializing in revenue cycle automation for the Healthcare Industry.

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